Weird, wacky, wonderful and slightly tacky… if you like all of those things and you’re fond of a tree or two then I’d definitely recommend Trees of Mystery.

Just a short drive from the Redwood National Park and Crescent City is the hidden gem that takes you on a self-guided tour of a Redwood forest and lets you marvel at some of the stunning trees and their amazing way of adapting to their surroundings.

From the moment you arrive at Trees of Mystery you know you’re in for a treat as your greeted by a giant talking lumberjack called Paul Bunyan and his companion Babe the Blue Ox.

After you walk through the gates into the forest your immediately stuck by the dominance of the Redwoods and are left in awe of the age of the trees surrounding you. As you follow the trail around the forest your interest is directed to some of the magnificent specimens including The Brotherhood Tree, The Candelabra Tree and The Cathedral Tree.

After spending some time… (continued in part 2)…

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