After another great night out with our good friends James and Loreen we headed to Abel Tasman National Park for some hiking and kayaking!

The Abel Tasman National Park is a beautiful park that hugs the North coast of the South Island. The park is best known for it’s 3-4 day hiking trail and forms part of the D.O.C’s great walks. Although we would of loved to do the entire 3-4 day walk as we have the campervan and are on a budget we decided to split the track up into smaller manageable chunks:

  • Totaranui Bay – day walk from the D.O.C campsite along the end of the Abel Tasman track.
  • Marahau – day walk from the campsite along the start of the Abel Tasman track.
  • Sea Kayak/cruise the middle section.

Before starting our Abel Tasman exploration we headed further North past the national park to the most northerly point of the South Island to Golden Bay and Farewell Spit. We spent a day pottering around the small coastal towns of Golden Bay and stayed at an amazing campsite near Farewell Spit. A short walk from the campsite is the most incredible sand dunes I’ve seen in my life, a barren, windswept landscape looking out to the Tasman Sea that really does make you feel like you’re at the edge of the world!

The following morning we headed to Farewell Spit. Farewell Spit is a 26km sand bank that arcs out from the top of the South Island and forms the edge of Golden Bay. We spent a couple of hours walking along the spit, enjoying the sunshine and soaking up the view before grabbing an ice cream from the cafe. A great way to start our Abel Tasman adventure!

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