We’re Liam and Nick…
the travelling duo behind Gap Year Pins.

We’ve travelled extensively and in 2013 backpacked our way round the world in an amazing gap year adventure.

We started Gap Year Pins as a way to document our trips, both for ourselves and to share our adventures with friends and family.

Online Tools…

Over time we want to develop the site further and we’re working on an a set of interactive tools to help you explore, plan and document your travels.

You’ll be able to create interactive route plans with events, dates, travel schedules and notes all in one place. Once your journey begins you’ll be able to add photos, videos, journal entries and memories to your trip to create a fantastic record of your adventures that you can share with others.

What Now?

In the meantime, we’ll be continuing our travels and you can read about all our latest trips, including our round-the-world gap year adventure on the blog.