While in Kobe we pottered around the many shopping malls, strolled along the bay, headed to Kobe’s Kitano district, rode a cable car up the Rokko Mountain and sampled some of the yummy food on offer!

Kitano is a quirky district of Kobe at the base of the Rokko Mountain and is famous for it’s European houses, shops, cafes and restaurants. The area was originally the home of diplomats from Europeattracted to Kobe because of trade and the opening up of the port – who built houses in the style of their home country.

Today those houses are tourist attractions and museums and each year thousands of Japanese tourists head to Kitano to escape and experience a slice of Europe without leaving home!

It’s an odd experience wandering around the streets of Kitano and feeling at home aware of the fact you’re thousands of miles away on the other side of the globe!

From Kitano you can ride the Nunobiki Ropeway up the mountain where you’ll find beautiful herb gardens and spectacular views! The walk down meanders past several gardens and a glasshouse filled with beautiful plants and flowers!

At the mid-station you can ride the cable car the rest of the way or continue your walk past the Nunobiki Lake and Waterfall – a picturesque spot to rest and enjoy your surroundings! On the way down keep an eye out for a bridge covered in vines which looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie!

After a energetic walk we headed back into the city and stopped at Kobe’s Chinatown (Nankin-machi) district for a bite to eat! Chinatown is an extremely popular place and there’s stall after stall selling yummy nibbles and treats – I can definitely recommend the Pork Buns and shaved strawberry slush, both of which were delicious!

Kobe is a varied city and has something to suit every traveller… from mountain walks to retail therapy it has it all! I really enjoyed our time in Kobe and would definitely recommend a visit!

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