On 16th March, 2014 we reached our final destination of Cairns, having started in Melbourne on January 3rd 2014!

I didn’t want to let this fact pass by without reflecting on what an utterly amazing time we’ve had during our 88 days (2 months, 29 days) in Australia and without talking about some of the vast distances covered over that period!

Based on Google Maps data (which excludes detours to smaller stops, lunch breaks, coffee breaks and delays) we’ve spent a total of 50 hours, 59 minutes on the Greyhound Bus covering a distance of 4279 kilometers (2658.8 miles).

In reality those are extremely conservative figures when you start including day-trips, excursions, boats, trains, cable cars and various other forms of transport over the 3 months!

I feel proud to have done so much in such a short time and that’s been possible because of the detailed and meticulous planning of my partner Nick and I want to say a big Thank You to him for that!

It’s been a great 88 days on the road and we finish our time in Australia with a flight back to Melbourne (there’s no way I was catching the bus!) for our final 4 nights before leaving Australia and heading to Singapore!

Thank you Australia, it’s been amazing!

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