Our next stop in New Zealand was Oamaru. Oamaru is a little town on the coast known predominantly for 2 things, penguins and Victoriana.

Although we’d already seen the amazing yellow-eyed penguins in the Catlins we’d fallen in love with the adorable creatures and wanted to see them again in Oamaru… that was until we found out the price of the penguin show!

Despite being a little disappointed that we couldn’t see the penguins we decided to make the most of our 2 night stay and pottered around the town and the botanical gardens.

The gardens are beautiful and meticulously maintained! We walked along the lakes, by the stream, pottered around the Japanese garden, snapped some of the flora and fauna and relaxed in the tranquil setting!

On our second day in Oamaru we headed into town and over to the Victorian Quarter. Oamaru is unique because of it’s Victorian past and it’s proud heritage as an import/exporter and port. Due to it’s financial decline in the early 1970’s Oamaru retained it’s original buildings and facades unlike other New Zealand towns whose redevelopment destroyed a lot of the original architecture.

Oamaru has some stunning buildings and has a lovely quaint feel! As well as Victoriana, Oamaru is also home to SteamPunk, a funky art movement that crosses steam powered machinery, industrial salvage and the more macabre and gothic. We visited the SteamPunk museum (although we were unable to go inside) and saw some of the amazing sculptures and art pieces.

Oamaru is a little gem on the coast that is definitely worth a visit!

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