Despite the change of plans when it came to our accommodation at Maligne Canyon we really enjoyed our time wandering along the canyon itself.

The canyon trail takes you along the path of the river and drops deep into the rock where you can see how, over hundreds of years, the river has gouged its way into the valley below.

The rock has been eroded into holes, natural bridges, carved bowls and basins and it’s fascinating seeing how the river and surrounding forest have changed over the years.

The forest grips tightly to the ever-changing landscape and the trees have adapted the way they grow constantly seeking the sunlight. The canyon has a eerie feeling and feels like it could change at any moment.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to do the whole trail as parts of it were closed due to bear sightings but what we saw was really impressive – make sure you make the effort to detour to the canyon while you’re in Jasper, you won’t be disappointed!

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