After a 2 night stay in Jasper, at 2 different hostels, we said goodbye to the farthest point on our Rockies tour and headed back towards Vancouver.

We had no real plan for the day other than enjoying the drive and stopping at some of the view points we missed along the way.

Mosquito Creek was the last wilderness hostel of the tour and was by far the nicest hostel of the trip.

Although Mosquito lacked the same luxuries as Rampart and Edith Cavell the setting won us over. The hostel is nestled next to the creek, surrounded by mountains and was a really relaxing place to spend our last wilderness night.

After a good night sleep we headed towards Revelstoke and the penultimate stop on our tour.

On the way we pulled in at a natural bridge in Yoho National Park. The bridge was a fascinating sight and it was really interesting seeing how the water had carved a channel through the rock leaving a bridge over the river.

The water flowed with such ferocity that it was milky white and like nothing I’d seen before… after a while, and lots and lots of photographs we hit the road again and headed to Emerald Lake.

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