On the 12th day of our Rockies adventure we headed to Revelstoke. Revelstoke is a small mountain resort geared towards winter sports south-west of Jasper.

When we planned our stop in Revelstoke we weren’t sure what to expect – having only booked a night to break up the journey – but we ended up really enjoy our bizarre little adventure!

We arrived at Revelstoke early afternoon and checked into Poppy’s – our hostel/guesthouse for the evening. The owner, also called Poppy, was lovely and really friendly and the hostel was a welcome change to the wilderness hostels of previous nights.

We settled in, showered and headed out to explore Revelstoke. Revelstoke is definitely quirky to say the least… The town is an odd mix of shops, restaurants and bars and feels like it’s been locked in a time-wharp since the 70’s. Wandering around town we met some of the quirkier residents of Revelstoke including a topless man with a snake draped over his shoulders!

After less than an hour exploring we’d seen enough so we hit a bar (The Village Idiot) and relaxed in the sunshine. The bar, like Revelstoke, had a quirky feel and was heavily geared to skiers and snow boarders with walls, doors, seats, fences and every other imaginable surface covered in winter sports equipment, stickers and random bits and bobs.

We soaked up the sun, and several beers, before heading back into town in search of some excitement. The only excitement we found was a live country-esque band at the band stand and a beer garden nestled between a liquor store and a car park.

Determined to enjoy our stay in Revelstoke we grabbed a seat and settled in for the evening and was later rewarded by a really good live band from Australia who’d broken down on route to a music festival! Way too many beers, and way too many hours later we finally headed back to our accomodation (after getting lost in a town with 2 main streets) and collapsed into our beds.

A random little stop on our rockies tour but a really enjoyable part of the journey and something we’ll always remember… would I recommend a visit to Revelstoke out of ski season? Probably not but fun none the less!

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