Singapore has some incredibly bizarre, quirky and random architecture and has thrust itself into the modern age with some of it’s buildings, parks and public spaces.

Singapore is a great mix of traditional and modern and on the same street you’ll find temples, shrines and rustic buildings next to a towering high-rise with giant bird cages!

I love the way Singapore has weaved architecture and design into the city and even the older, more traditional buildings have contemporary, colourful twists like the rainbow shutters of the Ministry of Communications & Information building!

Without a doubt my favourite piece of wacky architecture is the Marina Bay Sands hotel and resort which looks like a cruise liner stranded on top of three high-rise towers after a tidal wave!

Tucked in behind Marina Bay Sands you can find Gardens by the Bay a vast outdoor space with gigantic domes that dominate to skyline as well as Super Tree Grove a collection of 18 metal trees that rise upwards of 50 meters (16 stories) and provide dappled shade in the day and transform into a spectacular light and sound show at night!

The trees are like nothing I’ve seen before and you feel like you’ve entered Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar!

For a small fee ($5) you can walk amongst the canopy on the 128 meter walkway suspended 22 meters off the ground which is a truly unique experience!

Whether a traditionalist or a modernist there’s architecture to suit all tastes and I loved exploring Singapore with something new to discover around each and every corner!

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