As well as a day-trip to Manly we visited the coastal suburbs of Coogee and Bondi. Bondi is probably the best known beach suburb of Sydney but the lesser-known Coogee is well worth a visit!

If you’re feeling energetic there’s a beautiful coastal walk (8.8km) between the two suburbs that takes 1-2 hours depending on your pace. Most people catch the bus to Bondi and walk to Coogee but we decided to do the walk in reverse so we could spend more time relaxing (and recovering) on the beach at Bondi.

If you’re planning on doing the walk be warned that the sun and heat take their toll so make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen!

We caught the bus from Sydney to Coogee eager and ready to start the walk. Coogee is a lovely coastal town with an amazing golden beach and a lovely feel. The beach sits adjacent to the Goldstein Reserve which I must admit was a nice surprise!

After exploring Coogee we set off on the walk which takes you along the coast through some stunning beachfront settlements with beautiful views of the coves and bays below. Each twist and turn reveals another picturesque view and the sandstone rock-formations, carved by the elements, are truly unique! After a couple of hours walk you crest the top of the hill and Bondi reveals itself below.

Bondi is a beautiful, golden, sandy beach that seems to stretch for miles and is a popular location for sun-bathers and surfers alike. Although the town itself isn’t that exciting – due to it’s over touristy-commercial feel – the setting and beach are stunning!

When we arrived at Bondi we took our spot on the beach, laid out our towels and enjoyed a well-earned lunch! After a couple of hours soaking up the sun, relaxing and paddling in the sea we’d recovered from our walk and caught the bus back to Sydney.

Although Bondi is beautiful, because of it’s popularity it can get extremely over-crowded which for me lessons it’s appeal – the quieter beaches of Clovelly and Coogee are definitely more my style. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed our hike from Coogee to Bondi and would recommend it to anyone who has spare time in Sydney!

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