During our time in Sydney we were fortunate to coincide with the Architects of Air – Exxopolis Tour! Architects of Air is an amazingly quirky and quite random obsession of Englishman Alan Parkinson and his team who have built several inflatable cities over the years.

Exxopolis is one of their creations and

“seeks to bring a visual surprise and excitement into the environment and to create the optimum conditions where people can be moved to a sense of wonder through the particular phenomenon of luminous colour.”

From the outside Exxopolis looks like a small collection of inflatables but on the inside it’s a tardis of rooms, corridors, walkways and even a cathedral! Each space in the city is filled with light, bright colours and tranquil sounds and it’s a great space to explore or simply lie back and take it all in. Inside it’s easy to get lost in the large colourful spaces and time seems to slip away as your senses are tricked by the changing light.

I’d definitely recommend a visit to Exxopolis or any of the Architects of Air exhibitions… it really is a whole other world in there!

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