On the last day of our road trip through the Rockies we set off on the long drive back to Vancouver. The drive went fairly smoothly although on the approach to Vancouver the drivers seemed to lose their ability to stick to the speed limit, indicate or generally pay attention to what was going on around them.

The drive into the city was also an experience… dodging bad drivers, pedestrians, trams and homeless people and nearly going the wrong way down a one-way street all added to the fear!

We finely arrived, safely, at the car rental place and say goodbye to our travel companion and suitcase-on-wheels for the last 2 weeks and headed to the HI Downtown hostel. Glad to be back in beautiful Vancouver but sad to be saying goodbye to the Rockies we settled in and headed out onto Davie Street (Vancouver’s gay village) for a cold beer.

Although I loved Vancouver from the start Nick’s impression of Vancouver was at a low – largely due to the hoards of homeless and panhandlers on Granville Street – but I’m happy to report that the second half of our Vancouver stay (26th July, 2013 – 30th July, 2013) completely changed his opinion.

We spent the second half of our time in Vancouver exploring the waterfront, beaches, parks, suburbia, gay village and the amazing Granville Island and had a wonderful time getting to know the real city!

Vancouver is definitely a city I could see us living in and it’s in the top 5 of the emigration list so who knows, one day!

2 thoughts to “Vancouver… Part 2…

  • Paul Hobson

    Keep the homelessness in perspective. Those guys are stuck with being in Vancouver given that they would freeze to death anywhere else in Canada during the winter months. It’s that simple. This city has its marked contrasts between immigrants and locals without riches and those who have just brought bucket loads of cash with them. In general, it’s a pretty forgiving and supportive place, still inclusive of marginalized people in the general population. Social still works here, despite the rich excesses that might seem normal.

    • Liam Goldstein

      Very true… I think it’s that we weren’t expecting it and we were exhausted when we arrived so it wasn’t the best first impression.

      It only lasted a short while though as Vancouver is an amazing place.


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